Eventism, INC
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Event Cost


Event Gross


Breakeven #

600 tickets sold

The Loan:


60 days


Company Overview

Eventism is a leading event planning and management company in Denver, Colorado. We specialize in creating unforgettable experiences for our clients, from intimate gatherings to large-scale corporate events. We have a team of experienced event planners and a network of talented vendors who are passionate about creating memorable events.

Our New Year's Eve Party

We are hosting a New Year's Eve party that will be the talk of the town. The event will be held at a premier venue in Denver and will feature live music, dancing, food, and drinks. We are expecting over 1,000 guests to attend.

Our Need for Funding

We are seeking a $10,000 loan to ensure the smooth execution of our highly anticipated New Year's Eve party. This loan will enable us to meet our financial obligations to our esteemed vendors in a timely manner, a crucial factor in maintaining our reputation for excellence and professionalism.

The Ticketing Challenge

In the past, we have relied on our ticketing platform's ability to provide immediate access to ticket sales proceeds. This approach allowed us to fulfill vendor payments promptly, ensuring seamless event operations. However, this year, our ticketing platform has implemented a policy that delays the disbursement of funds until after the event has concluded.

The Impact on Vendor Payments

This change in policy has created a temporary cash flow gap, hindering our ability to pay our vendors as per our agreed-upon terms. This delay in payments could potentially jeopardize our longstanding relationships with these valuable partners, impacting the quality and success of our New Year's Eve party.

How Your Investment Will Help

Your $10,000 loan will bridge this financial gap, enabling us to honor our commitments to our vendors without compromising our event's standards. This timely influx of funds will ensure that we can procure the necessary services, equipment, and supplies to deliver an exceptional New Year's Eve experience for our guests.

Our Commitment to Repayment

We are fully committed to repaying this loan in full within 60 days. We are confident in our ability to generate sufficient revenue from our New Year's Eve party to cover the loan amount and interest accrued. Our proven track record of success in organizing high-quality events further strengthens our assurance of timely repayment.

Partner with Us for a Successful Event

By providing us with this loan, you are not only investing in our company's financial well-being but also contributing to the creation of a memorable New Year's Eve celebration for our attendees. Your support will enable us to maintain our reputation for excellence and continue delivering exceptional event experiences in the future.

Thank you for considering our investment opportunity. We are eager to partner with you to make our New Year's Eve party an unforgettable success.